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About 7SOS & Serendipity

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There are many ways of being found on the Internet. One way is serendipity. Serendipity is fun. You don't have to do anything. On a magical search engine query a visitor searches for your business and actually stumbles into your Website.

Another way, the preferred way, is quality search engine optimization. A visitor searches for goods and services within your market and finds your optimized Website. 7SOS maximizes your SEO performance to achieve your marketing goals. Execute a plan that works. Don't leave your marketing to a stumble upon methodology.

Who are the Seven Sisters of Serendipity? They are chance, karma, fate, destiny, luck, kismet, and happenstance. By the way, StumbleUpon was a discovery and advertisement engine that pushed Web content recommendations to its users. It's obsolete now.


We're local, so sure we're laid back. We're also focused, creative, and passionate about our work.


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